Daniel James Lackey and Katerina Georgopoulou

Artist Statement

Daniel James Lackey is an artist born in Liverpool in 1984, lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

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Currently concerned with the notion of becoming queer, my practice explores multiple gender identity in relation to the body in performance. It questions and comments on the Tran’s body as a vehicle to investigate the role of the Shaman in contemporary society, both in ritualistic and therapeutic contexts. Working with concepts such as ‘self as other’ and ‘dress as therapy’ my practice research enables a dialogue of dichotomies between personal and confessional narratives played out in nature, and of the potentials and possibilities of gender as performance.


Artist Statement


Katerina Georgopoulou is an artist born in Athen’s, Greece in 1982 and currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

 My work is inspired by the modern architectural landscape of the metropolis. It is an effort to articulate a comment on the transformation of both the urban environment and of the people that live, work and consume in the space it occupies. Architecture and its relationship with impression binds the two themes together. More recently my investigations have become concerned with human nature and its existence within contexts of individual freedom or the lack of it. The work is dealing with themes of escapism and the conflict between the natural and the artificial.

Synopsis of Work for Milkshake (Ogygia @ Lily Agius Gallery)

‘Daniel(la) Becoming Calypso’ 2012 Video

This collaborative project between artists Daniel James Lackey and Katerina Georgopoulou investigates the concept of journeying, both in physical and metaphorical senses. Inspired by the etymology of Calypso’s name, meaning “to cover”, “to conceal” or “to hide” we have aimed to explore and capture the natural and constant transformation of the landscape, and its relationship to the human experience with particular emphasis on the sublime queer body in transition.