Barbara Brezakova

Date of Birth: 30.01.1986

Nationality: Slovak

Current Location: London

One of my main artistic concerns is the intensity of the life experience, the investigation of its nature through the artistic process. My drawings are the battlefields of the organic and geometric, intuitive and analytical, the life arenas of sufferings and joys. The artistic process comes as a process of gaining a balance.

I am working on the small intimate scale and more recent works are large and bold unfolding the issue of transparency of the human condition. The internal life is at the heart of my work as the concern with vulnerability or fragility.

I investigate the character and levels of understanding of the abstract language. It indicates more primary level of communication – in my case searching for a new visual narratives but also axiomatic stability. Also the essential element is mark which sometimes operates as the existential “here I am” and reflects the levels of life enthusiasm. 

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