Arianna Marinelli

Arianna Marinelli

Born the 13/02/1985, in Italy.

Lives and works in London.


Arianna Marinelli merges a figurative calligraphy sign on a minimal surface, trying to construct a dialogue between opposite entities: between abstract and figurative, between form and illusion, surface and depth.


The authoress prefers conventional subject like flower composition: hybrid bouquet, ornamental,that recall traditional japanese calligraphy, but liberty elements too, cartoon /folk art.


Her canvasses recall wall papers as to suggest their irrelevance. The clear simplicity of decorative/calligraphy, adjusting the mechanism of composition, maneuvering the subtle vibrations, unveils a delicate sensuality wholly connected to the concept of womanhood.


Lightness, or in other word weightlessness, is the principal subject of her research. The search for lightness as a reaction to the weight of living.1


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