Alzbeta Jaresova

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Alzbeta Jaresova

Born: 6 February 1987, Prague, Czech Republic.

Nationality: Czech

Currently living in London.

The visual narrative of my work is constructed by the subconscious dialogue between historical memory and the functioning of social structures; demonstrating their transformation and relevance in a present day context. Having been influenced by familial and collective memories of the socialist era in what used to be Czechoslovakia, I am interested in exploring the concepts of confinement, control and restriction within my work. The specific historical reference however, remains significant mostly on a personal level, as I equally aim to explore the counterparts to these notions within a contemporary context. As I perceive the structural, social, as well as psychological confinements from my own environment, I allow my subconscious to translate these ideas, merge them with personal and collective memories, into a specific visual language.  I explore a figure-space relationship, where architecture becomes a primary symbol for social structure and control. I use both drawing and sculpture to investigate my conceptual concerns.