5 Miles Away

A project by Roxanne Gatt

This is a story about a man called Joseph who is fed up of not having children.

One night after the pub he goes home and decides to get his wife pregnant. Luckily enough, Audrey his wife, does get pregnant. Joseph is determined to have a boy, he starts praying to god everyday to give him a boy. A friend of his, gives him a picture of a saint, who is believed to give boy children. Joseph builds a shrine for this saint, as he strongly wants a boy.

Audrey gives birth to twins, Joshua and Jolene. Indeed one of them is a boy. Both Joseph and Audrey are happy with the birth of their children. Joseph is happy that at least one of the babies was a boy .

When the kids start growing old, problems start to evolve. It was not Joshua’s faith to become a boy, it was only because his dad Joseph dedicated himself to the saint to make sure that his child would be male.

Joshua turned out to be quite  feminine and Jolene quite masculine. Joseph could not handle this, and this is when he becomes more and more obsessed with the saint and the shrine. He blames his wife for the kids turning out like this, and decides to start taking control of their upbringing. He becomes aggressive and mean. Audrey is horrified by him, but feels helpless.

One day the saint tells him that in order for his children to be cured from their “illness”, he should take them to a church  which was 5 miles away. There the priests would make them “healthy” again. So this is when Joseph decides to drive his children to the church. Eventually Joseph starts living next to the shrine which demands lots of things from him. His relationship with Audrey was non existent. Audrey was, by now, terrified of him. She dreaded the times when he would go up to the kitchen where she was.

The day had come that the saint ordered Joseph to offer his wife to him. Joseph dragged her down, he did not care about anything. Audrey was terrified. At that moment Joseph and Jolene arrive with machine guns wearing white clothing. They have run away from the church in time to save their mum. They shoot the picture of the saint , who growls and drags Joseph with her.

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