Milkshake: Press release (English version)

The queer body and the Maltese are the main subjects of MILKSHAKE, a four part, multi-media artistic project focusing on the way the body is seen, shown, flaunted, hidden or concealed.

How do we – in this relatively small, traditionally Christian community – relate to same-sex or other unconventional relationships?

MILKSHAKE takes its audience on a tour around the winding backstreets of straight Malta. Local and international artists, photographers, authors and performers will approach issues of masculinity and femininity by working directly with people from the Maltese community.

Artists will collaborate with a number of individuals from the general public and by working collectively, will strive to produce an interactive, multi-disciplinary experience, creatively exploiting the potential within the architectural maze that is St James Cavalier.

“This project is a celebration of local diversity. It’s a celebration of how different I am from everyone else and most importantly a celebration of how the local community in general accepts this sense of individuality,” says Gilbert Calleja who has teamed up with the Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM), “in order to engage artists, academics and professionals to collaborate and produce a challenging body of work. […] We are aware that prejudice against LGBT individuals still exists and difficulties are experienced on a daily basis but we are positive that this project – thanks to the work and dedication of all the creative people involved – will help change people’s perceptions and open minds further.”

“The project presents an exciting opportunity to shed light on lived expressions of genders and sexualities in Malta; expressions which are not necessarily popular or known to many. It will show that our queer bodies challenge normative ideas around gender and sexuality, but will simultaneously embrace queerness as part of Maltese society,” says MGRM executive and Visiting Lecturer in Queer Studies at the University of Malta, Ruth Baldacchino.

A number of activities spanning over 12 months will see numerous established artists collaborating with young creatives to engage the general public through a number of new challenging media and formats.

MILKSHAKE wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the Malta Arts Fund. Most activities will take place at St James Cavalier centre for creativity (

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