Austin Camilleri

Austin Camilleri

Test habet et bene pend


Austin Camilleri (b. 1972) is an artist working in video, installation, sculpture and painting. He studied at the University of Malta and at the Accademia Pietro Vannucci in Perugia, after winning a four-year scholarship in 1991.  He is the founder of 356, founding member of StArt and Fundazzjoni Klula, and is a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. He is also a curator and designed books, campaigns, awards as well as stage sets for operas, theatre and dance pieces.

He represented Malta in a number of international exhibitions winning awards.

His works have been shown at galerie GNG and Centre Culturel TiART, Paris, in Apollonia, Strusbourg, France; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Cluj, Romania; the Centrale Electrique, European Centre for Contemporary Art, Musee Botanique and Place Fontainas in Brussels, Belgium; Palais Liectenstein in Feldkirch, Austria; L’Atelier in Perugia and the Vatican Museum and Ex-Mattatio in Rome, at Sotternei, Lanciano and at the Museo Archeoloigico complex, Lipari, Italy; at the UN Building and SAI Gallery in New York, USA; St.James Palace in London, UK; WTC in Stockholm, Sweden; the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland; at Inguat, Guatemala City, Guatemala; in Grote Kerk in the Hague and in Woerden, Holland; Open, Cape Town, South Africa; Chiesa Santa Chiara, Republic of San Marino; at Beith Shemesh, Gerusalem, Isreal; Garden of Nations, Ramallah, Palestine Territories; Munchner Kunstlerhaus in Munich, Galerie Bagnato and Kulturzentrum in Konstanz, Germany; Edinbourgh International Festival, Edinbourgh, Scotland; Mediterranean Biennale, Palais Kherredin, Tunis, Tunisia; the  National Museum of Fine Arts, Biagio Steps, St John’s Cavalier and St.James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta, MCA in Marsa, in Gallery art..e, SSA gallery and the Old Prisons in Gozo.

His works are published in books and catalogues internationally.

Austin Camilleri lives and works in Gozo.