Alexandra Pace

Alexandra Pace



Born in 1977, Alexandra Pace is a photographer by profession. As a self-taught artist, she specializes in contemporary portraiture and fine art photography.

Alexandra started her career in photography through a keen interest in the visual arts with particular preference for the practice of photography, choosing to follow this path through experimentation and research, looking at both the history of photography as well as contemporary practice. Having spent a number of years learning the medium and armed with enthusiasm and a keen eye, Alexandra ventured into the commercial world of photography, eventually working on many advertising campaigns for commercial clients.  Alexandra also expanded her photography practice into the fashion sector publishing no less than 70 covers and fashion stories.

Alexandra also experiments extensively with traditional hand printing; with a passion for the darkroom she is currently one of the very few remaining photographic printmakers in Malta. She has also held 4 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous collective exhibitions. Her work has been featured worldwide in publications and online media from China, Japan, Germany, UK and America.

Alexandra currently lectures at the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology.